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About Us

VetMatrix empowers small and medium sized businesses to succeed locally through affordable Web Marketing services. VetMatrix provides semi-custom websites, SEO, social media optimization (Social Service), video marketing (Media Service), and other marketing solutions to satisfy the needs of niche healthcare industries.  Founded in 2002, VetMatrix is headquartered in San Diego, CA.  For more information, please call 1-800-462-8749.


VetMatrix was founded in 2002 by a husband and wife design team passionate about veterinary care. "The company had a very humble beginning", recalls Yamia Benhaim, co-owner and Director of Business Development. "We were running a 2 man operation out of an 800 sq ft apartment. I sat at the kitchen table selling websites while Asaf did website design and customer support at the desk in the adjacent room"

"It takes a while to grow the client base, and it was difficult to establish our brand in the first couple of years. Luckily our overhead was low", reminisces Asaf Benhaim, co-owner and Director of Operations.


Today, VetMatrix leads the veterinary industry in production and maintenance of veterinary websites. Based in San Diego, California, VetMatrix provides full service website design and internet marketing services. VetMatrix maintains hundreds of veterinary practice websites that attract and educate patients using an interactive and automated approach.

The office building recently purchased boasts over 6000 sq ft of space to house more than 25 employees, and provides good physical expansion capabilities for the development, design, sales and customer support departments.

"The secret to our success is no secret at all. It's a commitment to service our clients wholeheartedly. "This pledge started with Asaf and continues today in our department's mission statement" exclaims Tracy Callaway, Director of Customer Support.


Indeed the future of VetMatrix looks bright. Being a technology-centric company, we believe future growth is attained by advancements in technology. Our company foundation is based on offering our veterinary clients new and more efficient ways of communicating, marketing, and profiting through their websites. Our commitment to research and development has never been stronger. Stay tuned for more great offerings from VetMatrix!