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Posted on 02-21-2011

In previous posts, you may have noticed that we are in favor of using Google's free tools to promote your chiropractic website, such as Google Analytics and Website Optimizer.

Today we want to give recommendation to avoid a certain free tool, Google Blogspot, a free blogging platform. Here are a few reasons:

1)    Unlike other free tools, it is blatantly obvious to your clients that you're using a free blogging platform. This runs the risk of making you look cheap or broke.
2)    There is a "Report Abuse" link on top, which not only makes you look like you need someone else's approval, but it can jeopardize your blog if some ill-meaning people click it.
3)    There are distractions, such as the "Next Blog" and "Create Your Own Blog" links, which can lead your potential clients away from you.

VetMatrix has its own blogging platform called iBlog, which lets you get all your veterinary website blogging benefits without any of these problems. Call your Customer Support Coach to get this going.

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