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Posted on 02-28-2011

If you have been using a "Request an Appointment" form on your VetMatrix website, you may be curious when you should follow up. If someone becomes a prospective client on Friday Night, should you call them the next morning until the next business day?

If at all possible, follow up at the next decent waking hour. Many of your new leads will want a veterinarian right away and if you can see them even that day, they will grab the appointment. They may also have requested an appointment from several competitors and you calling back first will win you the spot.

Remember to still respect sleeping hours, and possibly Sunday if that's a custom in your community. When it's not a good time to call, you can still email and invite them to schedule an appointment over email, while letting them know that you'll follow up the next business day regardless. This is your best way to make the most of your veterinarian website leads.

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