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Posted on 04-16-2014


Gathering video testimonials from clients might seem like a difficult task. How will you ask for a volunteer? From whom should you request a testimonial? In the long run, video testimonials are worth the effort, so we encourage you to consider asking your clients for their stamp of approval. Video testimonials can do wonders for boosting the credibility of your veterinary services and products.

If a video testimonial is embedded on your website it can significantly improve your conversion rate. When you showcase truly satisfied clients, your credibility increases. Posting the videos on your social media websites will also increase the positive exposure your business receives every time the video is shared to a different user’s page.

Client Reviews Boost Conversions

How to Ask for a Video Testimonial

Asking for a video testimonial can be simple if you know how and when to ask one of your satisfied clients. If you want to increase the chances that clients will agree to partake in a video testimonial, consider approaching them when their satisfaction with your services is fresh in their minds.

The easiest and least invasive approach is to request a video testimonial by email. Requesting participation in writing ensures that you are limiting the chances of interrupting your client at a busy time -- and they won’t feel like they’re being put on the spot.

If you have developed a particularly good or long-term relationship with one of your clients, it can also be effective to reach out to her by phone or even in person after her most recent visit. Just be sure not to pester your clients. Allow them adequate time to respond to your request, rather than inundating them with follow up emails.

Videos Testimonials Boost Rankings and Conversions

Make the Testimonial Process Quick and Easy

Many clients do not have a lot of time to provide a video testimonial. It may be helpful to provide your client with a list of questions to answer about your business or provide a short script she can read from. This will give the client confidence in terms of what to say and limit the time commitment involved.

Once your client has taken the step toward offering a video testimonial, you should always offer to do all of the grunt work. This means editing the video. Satisfied clients are more likely to help when their portion is limited to expressing their happiness with the products or services.

Gathering video testimonials may take a little work, but the benefits far outweigh the time and risk involved in obtaining them.

To learn more about using online video to market your veterinary practice, call 1-800-IMATRIX today. Our VetMatrix Internet Consultants are standing by to provide one-on-one, personalized online evaluations.


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