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Posted on 04-10-2017

Hashtags have become an internet staple, and much like cute cat videos, hashtags are here to stay. No longer just a fun social media trend, (#ThrowbackThursday) hashtags have evolved to become a crucial part of a business’s #OnlineMarketingStrategy. Not only can hashtags help your audience engage with your veterinary practice, when used successfully they can help your practice grow. Use the following hashtag strategies as a guide for your online marketing plan.


Brand hashtags — a hashtag that uses your clinic’s name or tagline — are one of the best ways to promote your business online. A quick search on Facebook or Twitter will tell you if your brand hashtag is unique to your clinic. The last thing you want to do is promote another vet! Use your branded hashtag consistently across your website, blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts. This is a good way to see what your clients are saying about your clinic and helps promote brand awareness.

Include Promotional Hashtags

Nothing captures consumer attention quite like a promotion. Promotional hashtags that are worthwhile will greatly increase online visitor engagement. Is your practice running a special on pet vaccinations? Create a hashtag for #DiscountPetVaccines to convert those online visitors into new clients. Promotional hashtags are easy to share with friends, which could bring even more clients, and their four-legged friends to your practice.

Know Your Client’s Interests

Social media users generally view hashtags related to their hobbies and interests. It’s easy to understand why a dog lover will follow #DogOfTheDay or #PuppyLove and related hashtags. Tap into these trending hashtags by including them in your best posts about dogs to capture client interest. Anyone looking for adorable pup photos will be able to see your practice’s posts. This gives potential clients the chance to view more of your posts and check find out more about your veterinary practice.

Don’t Spam Your Followers

Hashtags have the potential to boost your SEO goals and launch your practice into a new market. It’s important to know the difference between good and bad hashtag usage. Spam hashtags can negatively affect your online marketing strategy. Using a large number of hashtags in a single post is considered “spamming” and can turn potential clients away. Twitter recommends that brands use one to two hashtags per post. This is a good rule of thumb to help keep your client’s loyalty.

Hashtags are just one of the tools every online marketing strategy should have in its arsenal. Contact VetMatrix today to find more ways to promote your veterinary practice.

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