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Questions & Answers

Welcome to the question and answer section of the website! Here you will find answers to some of our most common questions. However, as always, feel free to Contact Us toll-free at 800.462.8749.

Do I need a veterinary website?

Is anyone really going to ask this question? Absolutely! In today's world, a veterinary website is no longer a novelty but a necessity - needed to grow and promote your business. At VetMatrix, we teach you the fundamentals of the internet and make it easy to understand. A website lets your patients research your services effortlessly! It builds credibility for your practice, staff and Doctors. It allows efficient distribution of new patient forms, it automatically communicates and informs your patients, and much more!

How often do I have to update content?

We recommend updates from time to time to keep your site looking fresh. However, you can choose how often you or a member of your staff updates content. Also, included in your website's homepage are rotating featured newsletter articles which continually stimulates your websites with new information and assists in search engine optimization.

How much time do I need to spend on my website?

Our websites are designed to save you time. Many functions are automated, such as the default content preloaded to your website and the distribution of newsletters to your patients' emails. In addition, VetMatrix systems allow anyone in your office to check website emails and edit content, no technical experience necessary. And Of Course, our customer support coaches are eager to help you make the most of your website.

How do you compare to other web design companies?

As shown by our hundreds of referrals, VetMatrix is the web company of choice for veterinarians and multidisciplinary practices. Many clients of ours have worked with other companies, local designers, and have tried designing their own websites in the past. They have found that it required much more time and money and did not compare to features that VetMatrix offers. With your VetMatrix website, there is no compromise. Our dynamic content, design, animated exercises, exclusive veterinary web tools, value pricing, and premier customer support put VetMatrix in a tier above other veterinary website providers.

Can we eliminate content displayed on our website?

You can walk through your entire website and cherry pick information you choose to keep on the website that we provide you or add information of your own. You are able to remove or hide any information from iControl, the control panel of your site. Other information such as privacy policy, terms of use, and website footer cannot be removed.

Do I send you my information or can I edit it myself?

You can always call our customer support department and we can help to edit the information on your website. You can also watch our extensive webinar videos that show you everything you need to know to make necessary edits to your website on your own.

Can I have an email address with my website name?

VetMatrix will setup and manage up to five email accounts that include your web domain. All emails have spam filtering to help abate email junk mail.

Do you provide newsletters or do we have to provide our own?

We schedule two new professionally written articles each month. You can customize the articles or skip ours at any time. Also, you can send your own research articles or office announcements anytime!

How often can I contact the support staff?

You can contact us as often as you like! Support is unlimited! Our customer support coaches are available 7:30a to 4p PST

Can I add my own pictures to the website?

Yes, but much more than simply adding an image, our proprietary iControl system allow uploading of pictures, videos, Microsoft Word Documents, Flash animations, Adobe PDF documents and other file types into any of your custom content pages. Also, web links can be added to any of your custom content pages using iControl. For those advanced users seeking even more control, source code view as also available by clicking on the toggle source view button.

Can I use my current domain name?

Yes, we can set up your new VetMatrix site using the domain name you currently have. We will build the new website; show you how to transfer over any content, and then when you give us the final go ahead, your new site will go live without any downtime! If you do not have a domain name we will assist in selecting a suitable domain name, register, and manage it for you. With VetMatrix you will always maintain ownership of your domain name.

Do you offer a referral program?

We offer an incredible referral program to all of our clients. We want to thank you for spreading the word and telling your friends and colleagues about your new website! You can either submit referrals on our website to us, or you can notify your internet consultant. For each new client referred, you will earn a credit of up to $95!

Can patients requests appointments online?

We make it extremely easy for prospective patients to contact you. Every page on your website has a "request an appointment" button which will send an email to the practice. There is also the option to have appointment requests faxed instantly to your front desk.

We offer specialized services, how custom can my site be?

Our internet consultants will give you a full demonstration on how to promote specific areas of your practice that you want to highlight. You have the ability to add an unlimited number of pages and content at any time and make your website customized and unique to your office. The VetMatrix platform is flexible, we have worked with many multidiscplinary practices who want great VetMatrix content and technology but dont want to showcase veterinary as their only service. Call our internet consultants for more detail!

How will people find me?

Online - Our websites are search engine optimized to rank well in search engines for keywords including your name, practice name, and general veterinarian searches in your city. Patients can also find you from Veterinarian-Pages.com, our proprietary website directory that attains over 70,000 hits a month. Offline - We recommend advertising your website as you do your business - everywhere! Our internet consultants are very knowledgeable in veterinary marketing - call us for more detailed information.

How long is the process for getting the website set up?

On average, your website will be up and running in an average of two weeks or less.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Simply select your favorite skin design and domain name. Next, our support team will send you a short checklist of items so we can customize the design with your practice name, logo, and slogan. Your website will also include your new patient intake forms, an interactive map to your office, and a database of your patient emails.

How much is your veterinary website service?

We believe our veterinary website offering to be the most advanced and affordable in the industry. Contact Us for website options and prices.