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Veterinarian Paid Advertising – Velocity Case Study

Paid Advertising

Client: Hill Street Veterinary Hospital


Hill Street Veterinary Hospital in York, PA provides a variety of animal health care services. In addition to providing routine and emergency health care services for dogs, cats, and household pets; the hospital also provides veterinary care for large farm animals such as horses, sheep, cows, and other livestock.

The hospital was founded by Dr. George L. Hartenstein III and is now under the direction of his son, Dr. George L. Hartenstein IV. Dr. Hartenstein primarily focuses on large animal care, while his colleague, Dr. Albert L. Haun, focuses on companion animal health care. The office is managed by Louisa Hartenstein who oversees the day-to-day operation of the Hill Street Veterinary Hospital, as well as all online marketing efforts for the hospital.

In February of 2014, Louisa and Dr. Hartenstein enrolled the hospital in the VetMatrix Starter Service, which includes a professional website, social media integration, and unlimited access to support. After completing the onboarding process with VetMatrix and seeing great results from the website, the veterinary hospital upgraded to the Social Service in May 2014. Then, within a month, the hospital did another upgrade to Velocity in June 2014. While the Starter Service included a professional website designed to convert visitors into new clients and the Social Service offered social media optimization and management, Louisa and Dr. Hartenstein upgraded to Velocity to increase new client acquisition, grow the number of website visitors, and see faster results.

Pay-Per-Click Implementation

Since they run a hospital that stays current on the latest technological advancements in veterinary care, Louisa and Dr. Hartenstein were interested to put online pay-per-click (PPC) advertising technology to work for the hospital. Building on the professional website branded for the hospital, Velocity includes social media set up and regular content posting, a custom HD video, and a monthly PPC ad spend managed by a Google AdWords Certified Account Manager.

“We have only been with VetMatrix since February of 2014, but we have already benefited from 4 of their different services. Velocity has been had great results for us. We’ve watched our business increase dramatically within the first month of service. Thanks to VetMatrix, we don’t have any more ‘slow days’ at the hospital.” 
–Louisa Hartenstein, Office Manager

Hill Street Veterinary Hospital already had an established Facebook Business Page that was launched in June 2013 and all postings were managed by the hospital staff. After enrolling in the Social Service, VetMatrix optimized their Facebook Page, and created professionally branded Twitter and Google+ Pages for the hospital. Additionally, VetMatrix has posted content on all three networks on a weekly basis to elicit engagement. Since upgrading to the managed social media, Hill Street Veterinary Hospital has seen a jump in engagement from followers and more positive Facebook reviews. The hospital is still owner of all the social media assets and is able to add additional posts as well.

Along with continued social media management, a custom HD video and photo shoot is another feature of Velocity provided to the veterinary hospital. After upgrading to Velocity, a Media Specialist from VetMatrix worked with Louisa to schedule the video shoot and handle the revisions and publishing process. The 90-second documercial of Hill Street Veterinary Hospital was filmed mid-July, went through the editing process, was approved by the hospital, and was optimized and published to their YouTube Channel at the beginning of August. In addition to publishing the video on YouTube, VetMatrix added the video to the hospital’s website and social media pages to increase views and improve viewer conversions.

The top tier component of the hospital’s Velocity Service is the online paid advertising campaign that is targeted to reach pet and animal owners in the hospital’s local market. The managed pay-per-click campaign is overseen by a Google AdWords Certified professional who works closely with Louisa to track analytics and new website leads.

Paid Advertising Success

In the first full month of service in Velocity, Hill Street Veterinary Hospital’s website had 251 visits with 523 page views. In July, the number doubled to 554 website visits and 1,177 page views. Currently, the traffic is steadily holding to the July numbers for website traffic.

Since upgrading to Velocity in June, the hospital has seen weekly leads jump from 4 new client leads a month to upwards of 20+ leads per week. The huge jump in weekly leads is due to the advanced geo-location PPC ad targeting provided by VetMatrix that essentially drives relevant, local potential clients to the hospital’s conversion-optimized website. As a Velocity client, the hospital’s paid advertising analytics show an average click-through rate (CTR) of 4.08%. In the past thirty days, the click-through rate as jumped up to 4.55% with 141 clicks.

Hill Street Veterinary Hospital has seen great results as part of the Velocity service, with rapid increases in website traffic and significant increases in weekly new client leads. The hospital joined VetMatrix as a Starter client, upgrading within a month to the Social Service, and then upgrading the following month to Velocity to see quick results. With only 4 months into Velocity, the hospital has seen a doubling in monthly website traffic and a quadrupling of weekly new client leads.

If you are interested in learning more about how the Velocity Service can benefit your practice, please call us today at 800-IMATRIX to speak with an Internet Consultant.

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