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Veterinarian Paid Advertising – Velocity Case Study

Velocity Case Study

Client: Community Pet Outreach


Community Pet Outreach of Watauga Texas, near Fort Worth, was founded by Dr. Terry Litsey in 1999 under the name Litsey Animal Hospital. The hospital provides care for all aspects of a pet's health and well-being and serves the greater Fort Worth Texas area as an emergency pet hospital and full service veterinary clinic. Dr. Litsey’s hospital has been a client of VetMatrix since April 2008.

In March of 2011, Dr. Litsey upgraded to what was then referred to as the Elite Service to focus on search engine optimization and social media management. The hospital was pleased with the results of the Elite Service and wanted to incorporate pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and retargeting into their online marketing service. As a result, Dr. Litsey upgraded again to the Velocity Service provided by VetMatrix in January of 2013. The hospital was able to remain with the same Google Adwords Certified Account Manager that had previously been managing their Elite Service. This created continuity in service, as well as results and tracking.

The upgrade to Velocity was an essential part of the hospital’s long term marketing strategy and was instrumental in changes taking place at the hospital. At the beginning of 2013, Dr. Litsey changed the domain name of his hospital from http://www.litseyanimalhospital.com to http://wataugaveterinarian.com. The change in domains was in part due to the location of the practice and to separate Dr. Litsey from the previous domain name (http://www.litseyanimalhospital.com).

Pay-Per-Click Launch

Although the hospital had high SEO rankings with the previous domain (http://www.litseyanimalhospital.com) and the traffic was redirected to the new domain, the new pay-per-click campaign focused on driving relevant, high-quality direct traffic to the new domain http://wataugaveterinarian.com. By driving traffic directly to the new domain (rather than redirecting from the previous domain), Velocity was able to not only increase the volume of traffic, but to positively contribute to the search engine optimization of the new domain name which was basically starting at square one. Velocity was essential in this domain change as it promised quick results and enticed relevant traffic to the new domain name, thereby positively impacting rankings. The PPC ads created for Community Pet Outreach targeted the Watauga area, getting visits from pet owners in that community.

Along with geo-targeted ads, VetMatrix created custom landing pages for the ads designed to increase the conversion of website visitor into appointment request. All of the conversions were tracked using Google Analytics and the unique iControl dashboard for the hospital. To further improve conversions of website visitors, the Velocity service for Community Pet Outreach incorporated retargeting technology. Retargeting ads enabled the hospital to continue to advertise to website visitors as they browsed online after leaving the hospital’s website. This type of advertising was very effective for the hospital because it increased brand awareness of the new hospital name and built trust in potential clients that were interested in the hospital.

Velocity Results

Since upgrading to Velocity, the analytics for Community Pet Outreach has shown site traffic steadily increasing month over month. In January 2013, there were a total of 487 visitors to the site, of those 388 were unique visitors, representing 73% unique visitors (those who had never been to the website before).

Compared to March 2013, there were 683 total website visitors and 563 unique visitors to the site, representing 79% visitors who had not previously visited the site. The increase in total visitors and unique visitors is primarily attributable to the pay-per-click advertising campaign and retargeting efforts of the Velocity Service.

Website Performance Improves

In addition to the data collected in Google Analytics, the metrics from iControl dashboard showed significant increases in website engagement since upgrading to Velocity. For example, emails received from clients to the hospital increased from three (3) in January to eight (8) in March, Request an Appointment form submissions increased from zero (0) in January to two (2) in March, Landing Page Signups increased from zero (0) in January to thirteen (13) in March, and Lead Generation increased from four (4) in January to six (6) in March. Total website visitor engagement increased from ten (10) in January to thirty one (31) in March.

These results demonstrate more than tripling the number of opportunities for client engagement in less than 90 days. Metrics like Request an Appointment and Lead Generations are particularly important because these often refer to brand new clients or pet owners interested in becoming new clients. Additionally, these conversions can be directly contributed to the performance of the PPC campaign by tracking the traffic sources and linking them back to the PPC advertisements. 

Summarizing Performance of Velocity

As a result of their enrollment in the Velocity Service, Community Pet Outreach has enjoyed the significant positive impact of new business opportunities, including new clients and new potential client contacts. Overall client website engagement is up over 67% for lead generation, appointment requests, website contacts, and emails to the practice based on iControl data. Overall traffic to the website increased by 45% between January 2013 and March 2013.*

“We have had a great experience using the online marketing services provided by VetMatrix. The pay-per-click ads got us great results fast. The best part of the service was that is targeted pet owners in the local community, so the leads we got were high-quality leads. We saw more website traffic and were getting more clients in the door.” 
–Dr. Litsey

*Based on the hospital’s pleasant experience and success with Velocity, at the time of publication, Dr. Litsey has further upgraded their service to Dominator (an advanced SEO solution). He has also upgraded two of his other domain names to Dominator, for a total of 3 different Dominator services.

If you are interested in learning more about how the Velocity Service can benefit your practice, please call us today at 800-IMATRIX to speak with an Internet Consultant.

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