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Veterinarian Social Media – Social Marketing Case Study

Social Media Case Study

Client: Randall Oaks Animal Hospital


Randall Oaks Animal Hospital opened to provide care for pets and their owners in June 2002. In January 2010, Dr. Mary Benz launched the hospital’s VetMatrix website. Over the first two years of service, Dr. Benz called in or submitted electronic tickets requesting any desired changes to the website. The client support team responded to requests quickly and completed all changes required, from modifications to the website banner, to adding a map to the website, to correcting any issues with email changes, to adding customized coupons. In December of 2012, Dr. Benz made the decision to give the Social Service for veterinarians a try.

Consultation and Training

Prior to a scheduled phone consultation, Randall Oaks Animal Hospital got a website refresh. The complimentary refresh included updating the website banner with the hospital’s logo, integrating social media buttons on the site, converting to the latest website skin and color scheme, simplifying the connection to the hospital’s online store, and adding links to online review sites. Additionally, the SEO keywords on site were updated and the slide show on the homepage was changed to showcase a virtual tour of the hospital. After refresh, Dr. Benz had her consultation with a Social Specialist. During the consultation, the Social Specialist reviewed what was included in the Social Service and what to expect. Additionally, the consultation went over how the business pages work for the veterinary practice, any items needed to do the rebranding or launch of the social media pages, and any questions the practice had were answered.

Professional Branding

Along with the recent rebranding of the Randall Oaks Animal Hospital website, the social media pages for the practice were also given a make-over. In order to reinforce the brand established by the website, the Social Specialist made sure the hospital’s logo was clearly visible on all three of the social media pages. Also, the images created for the Facebook cover photo were carried over to the Google+ page. In addition to creating a strong brand on social media, VetMatrix contributed to the overall SEO functionality of the practice’s pages by ensuring that the Name, Address, and Phone number for the practice was an exact match for every site.

Veterinarian Facebook Business Page

Building a Following

Once the social pages were updated with the new brand design and the new Twitter and Google+ pages were created, an email was sent to the hospital’s current client list inviting pet owners to ‘like’ the hospital’s Facebook page. Additionally, the hospital was given several other ideas to help build up their social media following on all three of the social networking sites. The links to the social media pages are clearly visible on the hospital’s website in a prominent place to encourage website visitors to also visit the social media pages.

Posting for Engagement

Since enrolling in Social, Randall Oaks Animal Hospital has received the bi-weekly Facebook and Twitter posts, as well as weekly Google+ posts. Dr. Benz contacted the Social Specialist to learn about her ability to post to the social media as well. The Social Specialist provided clear instructions on how to post and even provided suggestions on what to include with posts. The VetMatrix social posts do not get in the way of the hospital’s ability to post any materials for followers.

“The process has been very smooth and you and your staff have been very helpful. I hope to see our social pages and web presence continue to grow!”
–Dr. Mary Benz

Increased Following and Engagement

At the time of enrollment in the Social Service, the hospital’s Facebook page had 37 followers or ‘likes.’ After just two months of the VetMatrix Social Service, the hospital has 90 followers with 11,202 friends of fans. The weekly total reach of the Facebook page is up 12.24% to 55 users. The VetMatrix posts are getting engagement from the hospital’s followers, including regular ‘likes,’ ‘shares,’ and ‘comments.’ The Facebook page now also has several positive reviews from pet owners, which are clearly displayed at the top of their Facebook Timeline.

Veterinarian Facebook Page Stats

Tracking Results

Prior to the website refresh and enrollment in the social media sites, the hospital’s website was seeing an average of 15-20 website visits a day. In the first two months of 2013, the website has experienced a steady increase in website traffic close to an average of 35 visits a day. Dr. Benz and the staff of Randall Oaks Animal Hospital can view website metrics in their customized iControl dashboard. Additionally, the practice can track their success on Facebook using the Facebook Insights Dashboard. The social media pages for Randall Oaks Animal Hospital continue to experience an increase in followers and continued engagement with the VetMatrix social postings.

If you are interested in learning more about how the Social Service can benefit your practice, please call us today at 800-IMATRIX to speak with an Internet Consultant.

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